Nursery Policy on Cups

At The Nest all children are encouraged to drink from a cup, and at mealtimes are also encouraged to pour their own water from a jug. This encourages independence and self care which is inline with the Early Years Foundation Stage ( EYFS) requirements ( DfE, 2017).

Using a cup is critical for ensuring the development of self help skills, coordination and oral muscle control. The child has to tip the liquid into their mouth and learn to co -ordinate the rate of flow with swallowing.

It is recommended to introduce a cup from six months old and to no longer use a bottle with a teat.

As children do not start with us until they are one years old we will not be using feeding bottles with teats.

There is evidence that using a cup rather than a bottle with a teat is better for:

  • Dental health
  • Speech development
  • Reduces the risk of using a bottle for a comforter

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