How to Promote British Values

British ValueHow to promote in the workplaceHow to promote in the wider community

  • Give children choices

  • Child led ethos

  • Listening to children

  • Listening to colleagues

  • Listening to others views

  • Listen to parents views

  • By showing diversity & inclusivity

Individual Liberty

  • Encourage children’s self-esteem

  • Increase children’s confidence

  • Encourage children to challenge themselves and talk about their experiences

  • Challenge gender stereotypes in the workplace

  • Not to segregate girls and boys

  • Show diversity

  • Reflect life in modern Britain

  • Demonstrate that the setting supports diversity

Rule of Law

  • Ensure that children understand their own and others behaviour and begin to learn what is right and wrong

  • Children agreeing to rules, such as tidying and putting away

  • Staff to be good role models

  • Show that the rules apply to everyone

  • Home life may demonstrate this in the same way, such as taking turns to wash-up

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

  • Help children to be respectful and kind to others

  • The children are shown that we are all different and sometimes the same

  • Positive and polite behaviour is encouraged by all

  • Encourage turn taking

  • Listening to every child’s voice

  • All beliefs, faith, cultures are valued and respected

  • Children have the opportunity to ‘dress’ up and try foods from different cultures

  • The nursery has an ethos of inclusivity and tolerance

  • Not isolate children from the wider community

  • We encourage parents to support multi cultural events